Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Fangamer Podcast

Fangamer recently hired a full-time writer, the illustrious Dan Moore, who will also be taking on hosting duties for the podcast. You may remember him as the announcer from our Earthbound Bash event a couple of months ago (Video evidence, skip to 5:45 to hear Dan's announcer voice.)

That said, as happens any time hosting duties change hands, the format of the podcast will be changing. The show will be returning to a weekly format, with most episodes consisting of low-production episodes like office conversations and round table discussions, but with the option of occasionally having cool, high-production and segment-oriented episodes when we can pull them together.

As you may have noticed, we haven't released an episode in two months, mostly because I've been busy and was unable to pull together last month's episode. Given that and the format change, we've decided to archive the old podcast and start anew.

We got some excellent segments for the Transgamer episode I was hoping to release last week, but it would be awkward timing--either as the last episode of the old podcast or the first episode of the new one. I'd prefer to give the new podcast a few weeks to pull in some listeners before pulling the trigger on that episode. I'm going to aim for a tentative release date of March 14th.

Beyond that, Jeff, Dan, and I will need to sit down soon to figure out if and how our contributors will fit into this new format. I'm hoping we'll keep them around, so that we can hear other voices on the podcast and bring in interesting stories from around the world. Although the most recent episodes of the podcast have been few and far between, I've been proud of them. I and especially the contributors worked hard on them, and they were interesting to listen to.

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