Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Good Waste of a Day

This morning I woke up with the intention of going on a hike with Laura and a few friends.

Instead, I ended up sitting in front of my computer all day. To be fair, though, it's not entirely my fault.
When I left my house this morning to meet people at the office, I noticed that it had rained recently. This being Tucson, I was a little surprised and concerned. Would it be safe to hike today?

Well, we had planned to meet up at the office at 10 in the morning, so I figure we'd at least meet up first and figure things out from there. As it turned out, all of us prospective hikers had skipped breakfast in order to arrive at the office on time, so we decided to all go out for breakfast together along the way.

As we came out of the restaurant, ready to work off the food we just ate, we began to feel sprinkles. Also, our destination (the nearby mountain) was almost completely obscured by the rain between us.

Hiking in the rain doesn't sound like fun. Even hiking along a wet, muddy trail sounds unappealing.

In the end, we all got up a bit early for a nice group breakfast, then went home.

From there, I defaulted to my typical Saturday activity of booting up The Old Republic and just kinda playing that for hours. Unlike other Saturdays, though, I didn't feel an urge to vary my activities or take long breaks or anything. I just kinda played for 12 hours or so.

I didn't accomplish anything today. I didn't have to. Today was a day to just zone out, and I don't feel guilty about it. That's the tough part--I often do nothing all day, but at the end of it I feel a little distressed about the waste.

Not today, though. Today was a good day.

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