Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Dark Ages, Book 1: Chapter 2, Part 2

(Continued from Chapter 2, Part 1.)

Ozzie rushed from the Dark One’s audience chamber once his business was concluded. They had discussed locations, troop numbers, and strategies, and now Ozzie needed to bring the news to his men.

Outside of his personal tower was Jaegmead, who noticed Ozzie immediately and started to approach, no doubt with a list of grievances. Ozzie was in an excellent mood and didn’t feel like spoiling it, so he shoved Jaegmead violently out of the way before the intrusive imp could complete a thought. Ozzie entered his tower and slammed the door behind him. He started climbing the steps toward his war room when he had a thought.
“Jaegmead?” said Ozzie, opening the doors to his tower again. The sturdy imp was sitting on the ground, nursing what Ozzie could only hope was a broken arm. But nevermind that, the bastard might be useful for once.
“Jaegmead, Jaegmead, my sincerest apologies,” tittered Ozzie as he helped the hapless imp to his feet. “I didn’t recognize you in my haste. Today is a glorious day, Jaegmead, and there is much to do.”
Jaegmead looked confused and suspicious. The look was entirely warranted, but it angered Ozzie just the same. Still, Ozzie attempted to look endearing.
“My dear, sweet Jaegmead, I have a job for you. Our esteemed leader and I have formulated a plan, and we need all our people to gather here, together, a week from now. Call on every leader, every clan, every banner, and do so in the Dark One’s name. Do you understand me? Can I count on you and your imps to accomplish this?
Jaegmead was stood up with Ozzie’s help while listening to his instructions, and the reply was the shortest string of words Ozzie had ever heard come out of the smaller imp’s mouth.
“Yes, sir! I’m on it.” He saluted with his good arm, turned, and marched away.
Ozzie watched him go, contemplating the likelihood of Jaegmead dying if he were to lead the first wave against the humans. The imp simply irritated Ozzie, being entirely too talkative and obsessed with “rights.” It got on one’s nerves, and Ozzie had killed people for less.
He shook his head and headed toward his war room again. He sent a servant to summon his commanders as he began to spread maps over the table. The location of the Dark One’s summoning point was not so far away, and made an excellent jumping point to the heart of the human kingdoms. First, of course, they would have the pleasure of clearing that land of humans.
A glorious day, indeed.

(Continued in Chapter 2, Part 3)

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