Sunday, February 16, 2014

D&D Session 32: There and Back Again

(Continued from Session 31.)

Another Reid-less session, this time cut a bit short due to a meeting before the session, in which Lindsay began putting together a schedule for what we'll be visiting in Japan and when, as well as answering any questions we had before going.

Still we managed to pull out a 2.5 hour session out of it, making a decent amount of progress retracing the party's steps back to the human lands.

The orcs' armaments were packed into containers, which were then covered in elven toys so as to reduce suspicion if the convoy were to get stopped by import agents at the border. There were eight containers in all, each loaded onto the backs of the elves' spiders.

The convoy was led by Sonny Quark, the son of Tellis Quark, the former owner of the family's weapon business. Sonny had so far proven to be accommodating to the party, both in their negotiations to get their stuff ready more quickly, and in showing them around when they crashed the noble elves' lawn party. However, that didn't stop certain party members from doing their best to mess with the easy-going elf during the trip.

Also in the convoy were an overseer, four elven guards, and eight human slaves to tend to the spiders.

On the way out of the elven city, Helvetica came out to say farewell to the party. They invited him to come along, but apparently the old man was still busy helping Tellis Quark make a better rocket or something, though he assured the party they'd be back. The party seemed doubtful.

Crossing the ferry was quicker this time around. Many of the people heading south toward the elven lands were haggard, frightened-looking humans, running from the rumored threat of giants. Most of the people don't seem to be taking them very seriously, though, especially since none of the evacuees seem to be eye witnesses to these "giants," running instead from rumors and sounds they heard in the distance.

The party makes it back to Lucky Village, the town in which they first made the weapons deal, without incident. In the morning, Sonny plans to unload the spiders, sign his papers with the party's dealer, and probably set about selling off the toys and heading back home.

In the morning, though, the party asks him to go among with them the rest of the way to the orc village, mostly to use his extra spiders to haul the weaponry. It takes some major diplomacy (and a pile of silver pieces--a fortune in the metal-deprived Fire Realm) to convince him, but in the end he agrees. He figures that, after separating all of the toys from the weaponry, they can probably fit the weapons onto four spiders, so with the party's own two spiders he'd only need to borrow two from the company.

Outside, the party's weapons dealer, Robert, also proceeds to try to convince Sonny to join the group as they deliver the weapons to their final destination. Sonny listens politely and agrees to go once Robert produces a bag of money for his trouble. Having already agreed to do just that, though, Sonny discretely hands Robert's money over to the party.

The party, however, was not expecting Robert to come along. In fact, they did not trust Robert or his wife Zelda, and proceeded to tell them to stay behind. After some negotiating, begging, a wrestling match, and some quickly-vanquished fiendish centipedes, though, the party finally allowed Robert and Zelda to tag along.

The party still didn't trust Robert and, after some prying, they discovered that Robert had a plan to rip off Sonny. In short, Zelda would seduce the elf, Robert would catch them, and the elf would give them a full refund in order to save his reputation. Robert offered to cut the party in on the deal if it works out.

The party agrees to keep their mouths shut, though it appears that many of them are considering warning Sonny about scheme. In the meantime, it won't hurt to have a couple of extra sword hands around, especially since time is running short, if it's not already too late for the orcs.

Next the party must decide what route they'll take: the long way they used to get here in the first place, the short way that passes through tyrant territory (aka, T-Rex City), or some alternate, untested path down the cliff?

(Continued in Session 33)

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