Thursday, February 6, 2014

D&D Profile: Ere'sat

Somebody has to be "stuck" playing the healer, and in this party that person was Laura.

Clerics in D&D, though, get pretty awesome abilities that can either cause or heal great damage. The classic cleric dilemma is this: do I spend this turn healing my friends, or do I try to wipe out the threats? Unfortunately, as Ere'sat attempts to work out this problem, she tends to come off as begin reluctant to heal people, which is a problem since, let's face it, other characters just want their cleric to be a mobile, obedient box of Band-Aids. And while other clerics can often explain their non-healing actions in a way that satisfies the party, Ere'sat suffers from a debilitating weakness in that area: a poor Charisma score.
Ere'sat (pronounced air-uh-sot) was a smelly, grumpy hermit who lived in the woods, serving some non-canon aspect of the goddess Millana, until increasingly hostile orc activity convinced her to (reluctantly) seek assistance from the closest civilization. From there she joined the orc resistance mercenaries and soon got grouped up with the misfits now known as the Hot Water Party.

Ere'sat is the party member most likely to jump in and steer the party away from violence if possible, which is fitting as a cleric of the goddess of compassion. Although her manner is lacking thanks to her charisma deficiency, the fact that she holds most of the party's life in her hands gives her a surprising amount of sway in the party's decisions.

Although she is a lady of the cloth, she's hardly pious or chaste. She has a particular taste for burly, hairy men, especially dwarves. However, while she's not specifically unattractive, her attempts at charm have never quite gone her way, with most men either claiming to be taken/married, ignoring her, or outright rejecting her advances.

Despite her hermit past, she takes a liking to most people who aren't actively trying to kill her, with at least some compassion even for those who are.

It's unclear for the moment what drove her to agree to leave her home realm with the rest of the party, though I suspect it was mostly due to a healthy bit of curiosity. Perhaps her goddess has plans for this odd follower of hers?

Will she be able to keep the party from devolving into a pack of murderers? Will she be able to keep the party alive as their mission becomes more and more dangerous? Will her "charms" ever succeed at wooing a man?

Only time will tell. Time, and dice rolls.

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