Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Sun

The sun and I have a complicated relationship.

My bedroom, for instance, is one of those bedrooms that can almost completely block out sunlight if I want it to, which is useful since I often sleep until 10AM and sunlight decreases the effectiveness of sleep.

On the other hand, I don't burn easily, which makes me better suited to spending time with the sun than most. Unfortunately, my personality (that of a hermit) is at odds with my physiology in that regard, so I don't get nearly as much sun as I should, much less as much sun as I can handle.

I don't often feel a yearning for sunlight, so my compulsion this morning to simply bask in the sun's warm glow for an indeterminate amount of time was a rather unfamiliar feeling.

Since the beginning of the year I've been having trouble staying warm. My solution to this problem used to be hot baths, but in my current house the tub is capable of a lukewarm bath at best, while my personal shower, though warm enough, is a shower and not nearly as relaxing as a bath.

Clearly, mine is a life of hardships.

Still, this morning as I left my house, rather than going straight to my car I came out from under the carport and basked in the glow of the sun for a few minutes. The air was still cool, but the sun was warm and I felt that I should simply stand there all day.

My sense of duty overpowered my sense of pleasure, though, as it so often does, so I did not stand there all day. Still, looking out the window of the office I can still see the sunlight, ready and waiting for me to return. Maybe I'll go take a walk later.

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