Saturday, January 25, 2014

Going to Japan

A couple of days ago I booked a flight to Japan. Most of Fangamer is going, so it's sort of like a company trip, sort of not. We're going to be mostly guided around by Lindsay, my roommate who spends half the year there anyway.

It's a trip we're all paying for out of pocket. Plane tickets happen to be surprisingly cheap for the trip we're taking (~$1,000 round trip), so we figured this is our best chance to see see what all the fuss is about. We'll be living lean up to and after the trip but, hey, it's freakin' Japan.

That said, I actually have no idea what to expect from this trip. I've only traveled outside of the US once before, and that was during a cruise so it barely counts.

I'm going to be going to a place where communication will be an obstacle and I have little to no familiarity with their customs. I don't even know how much of a big deal the previous statement will be.

All of a sudden, that vague notion of "oh, yeah, it'd be cool to go to Japan some day" is suddenly meeting with the reality that I have no idea what I'd even want out of such a trip. What do I really want to do there? I have no idea. I have a feeling I won't really know what I want to see and do there until I get back home.

I'm incredibly lucky to have Lindsay offering to be our tour guide. She has a way better idea of what sort of sights will interest my group than any professional tour guide could, and I know she takes trips like this very seriously. I'm very much looking forward to what she has in store.

Given that, despite the fact that I'm pretty much at a loss as to what to expect from the trip, I have every confidence that it'll be a wonderful, unforgettable journey. All I gotta do is allow myself to get swept up in the experience.

I wonder how difficult it's going to be for me to post blogs during the trip...


  1. How soon will you be going? Or is that still a secret for now?

    1. Most of us will be there March 19-27, I think. That's my schedule, anyway.