Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Good to Be Home

Today I've finally returned to work. I haven't been to the office since before Christmas, and that's a shame since I like it here.

I'm not sure exactly when Arizona became "home" for me, but I imagine it wasn't very long after I moved here. In fact, it was probably almost immediate. I was very ready to leave Louisiana, even though I don't think I ever allowed myself to say so.

There was a lot to keep me there, certainly: my friends, my family, familiar places... but not a future. Or, at least, I didn't see a future there that would be very fulfilling. I'm an easily contented person, so no doubt I could have stayed there working retail forever. From my vantage point now, though, that would have been the saddest thing.

What's worse is that I had by that point several tastes of what my life could be, if only I could get away from there. I would regularly leave Louisiana for conventions, 4-5 times per year, and it was always hard to come home.

Compare that to this year: during MAGfest, coming home was the part I looked forward to most. How weird is that? I was at one of the country's Meccas of the gaming world and, really, all I wanted was the every day excitement of my daily life back home.

I'm sorry to my friends back in Louisiana whom I left behind. Some of you took my leaving harder than others but, well, that's not home for me anymore. If you won't be following me out of there any time soon, then I hope that you find fulfillment there as I never did.

As for me, it's good to be home.

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