Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Wedding of Lindsay and Lindsay's Boyfriend

As much as I would love to continue the in-joke of just always referring to Dan as "Lindsay's Boyfriend," I'm going to refrain since unaware readers might get the impression that I'm not that familiar with Dan. Suffice to say, even though I've known both Lindsay and Dan for about the same amount of time, and even though Dan is one of my relatively small number of co-workers, Jeff and I enjoy referring to him as "Lindsay's Boyfriend" because we find it funny. In fact, Jeff managed to work that joke into his announcements today at their wedding.

I spent most of my day at that wedding today, and it was definitely the funnest wedding I've ever attended. The question is, was it an inherently fun wedding? Or are all weddings really fun if you actually know the people involved and most of the people there? I'm inclined to think it's a little of both.

First off, it was an 80's-themed wedding, likely because both Dan and Lindsay were born in the 80's and have some sort of fascination with that decade. Regardless, although a lot of people dressed in regular wedding-appropriate attire, many of us took to the theme and came in costume, sporting everything from leggings and bandanas to suspenders and pastel-colored everything. I've never been to a themed wedding before, so that's one reason I might not have had that much fun at previous ones. Then again, though the attire may have affected the mood, I don't think it explains everything else.

I busied myself for most of the ceremony by being one of the people recording the event. There were at least four video cameras there and two still cameras, all of which were running at full speed for the duration of the ceremony. I was taking video that focused on the faces of the attendees, watching their reactions to the proceedings. The whole process was far shorter than most weddings I've been to, as they eschewed the preceding sermon, cut the vows down to the important bits, and generally didn't draw out anything unnecessarily. In short, the bride and groom seemed as eager to get to the fun part as everyone else.

Robbie Benson of the Super Soul Bros played music for the ceremony and the reception, which was always nice. I kept running around recording things until Laura arrived, since she came a bit late due to some misinformed directions. Once she arrived, she convinced me to put the camera down and actually talk to people--something I'm not terribly good at, which is why I was happy to take video most of the time in the first place.

The reception offered people the choice of Mexican food (a Tucson experience for the many out-of-towners) or something called a "horseshoe." The horseshoe is apparently a staple of Springfield, Illinois, Dan's hometown. It is cheese sauce on top of french fries on top of a hamburger patty on a slice of Texas toast. I'm not historically a big fan of cheese or cheese sauce, but it turned out to be pretty good.

The deserts looked like something more suited to a birthday than a wedding: cookie cake and cupcakes topped with brightly-colored frosting. Not a single slice of white cake to be found.

After the meal, we all headed back outside for the dancing part, hosted by Space Boyfriend (aka Jami Carignan) performed a few of his original music, but mostly just performed as a DJ, occasionally backed by Robbie on his keyboard. There was dancing, singing, laughter, and just generally a good time overall. Jami's choice of music was clearly suited to the tastes of the bride and groom, with lots of 80's music, k-pop, and lots of other songs I don't remember. It was great for us Internet folks who met the couple through our shared love of EarthBound, though I guess the rest of the family and friends might have felt a bit left out and weren't that amused by the music. OH WELL.

The important thing is that it was a beautiful day, and Dan and Lindsay seemed to have a good time. They've been dating for basically forever now, and as someone who has spent over a year as Lindsay's roommate I can say from experience that she's a pleasure to live with. Based on what I know about Dan from working with him, he's a patient, reasonable man with a generous, positive nature. All this to say, I have no doubts that they'll have a happy and fulfilling life together.

I'm glad to have been a part of this. It was a good day, and it's setting a high bar for future weddings. I expect to be disappointed with every other wedding for the rest of my life. THANKS LINDSAY AND LINDSAY'S BOYFRIEND


  1. Seriously, I'm never going to another wedding again. This one killed it. They blew it up. It's over. Go home, weddings.

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