Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PAX Recap, Part 3

With the main event (the art show) complete, the rest of PAX settled into something almost relaxing. Still, there are a few notes I should mention before closing the book on PAX for the year. First, though, I'm going to relate the Legend of the Sandwich.

The Legend of the Sandwich began before I was aware of it. To hear the story told, though, on Friday morning, the first day of PAX, people noticed a sandwich sitting on a counter near the elevators on our floor of the hotel. It didn't seem terribly malicious; just an ordinary sandwich which I believe contained turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. Apparently it had been abandoned.

A group of us decided to go out for dinner that evening, which was when we noticed that the sandwich was still sitting on that counter. It was a curious sight and the subject of some discussion as we waited for and entered the elevator.

That was when we discovered that Robbie had just taken a bite of the sandwich. We were, understandably, taken aback, though Robbie assured us that it wasn't that bad, and probably wasn't dangerous. We were pretty confused as to why Robbie would do that anyway, and it wasn't for another hour or so that we learned that Brian had made a bet with Robbie that he would owe him dinner if he took a bite of the mysterious sandwich.

Robbie thought everyone had heard the deal, and was suddenly offended (or, well, as offended as Robbie can get anyway) that we thought he would just take a bite of that sandwich for no reason.

On our way back to our rooms after dinner, Jeff took the sandwich off of the counter and placed it on a light fixture between two of the elevators. The sandwich remained there until  Monday, I believe: silently daring someone to touch this strange finger food with one bite taken out of it. I assume that eventually the cleaning staff finally noticed the sandwich and disposed of it, though it took surprisingly long for them to do so.

Alternately, the sandwich finally gained sentience and climbed down from the light fixture, determined to go out into the world and crush the dreams of children everywhere. Very likely it's in Boise Idaho right now, whispering discouraging words into the ear of a sleeping child by night and searching for a nice potato it can spend its life with by day.

So ends the legend.

Anyway, on Sunday I managed to take a nap in the hotel room after by shift was over. Then I visited Double Fine's Bevs & Devs party where I got to watch someone play a portion of Costume Quest 2, which is looking pretty good.

On Monday, the final day, I finally took a moment to visit the Nintendo booth and try to new Smash Bros. However, the character options were limited to Mario, Bowser, and a bunch of new characters, and my battle didn't go terribly well. Still, I'm looking forward to the game's release.

We started breaking down the booth once the expo hall closed. We were done packing everything up in about 3 hours, which I think is some kind of record for us. We capped off the adventure with a nice dinner and got to bed incredibly early, as far as PAX nights go.

The 3-day trip home was mostly uneventful until, about 100 miles from home, I encountered a huge dust storm. What was supposed to be the final hour of driving stretched out into over two hours as I slowed down to match my limited visibility. Many vehicles simply stopped on the side of the road to wait the storm out, but I was ready to be home and visibility was good enough to keep moving safely at ~40mph. Still, it was kind of terrifying to see dust and debris fling by in front of me in a constant stream, and I don't recommend the experience.

And so ends my PAX experience.

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