Thursday, September 18, 2014

Movie Review #31: Wayne's World

Whoops! I watched this movie weeks ago and completely forgot to write something about it. I'm actually a little over a month behind on watching new movies, so I need to catch up.

Wayne's World is a classic movie I may have watched peripherally as a kid, but I didn't remember it at all. So, I'm going to count it as a new movie.

Short review: eh, I think I missed the boat on this one. There are some cool parts, but I don't think they were the parts that the movie makers intended to be interesting.


Wayne and his buddy Garth host a public access show in Wayne's basement. In this show they talk about rock and roll, call out women for being hot or not, and just generally make fun of people. I think. There may be more to it if I was more familiar with the original SNL skit, but I can't speak to anything beyond the movie itself.

Anyway, Big Time Television Producer Guy sees their show and decides to use them to make money somehow. He offers them a big deal, and you can probably guess the rest of the plot from there.


I think the message of the movie is to not sell out, or perhaps not to be a douchebag like Big Time television Producer Guy. I don't think the story has much going for it, though. This is a movie born from a comedy sketch, and that's all it was designed to be. The best they could do with it was give it a cliched plot to give you a vague reason to stick around for the jokes.

Clearly a lot of people liked the movie, and just as clearly the people making the movie were having a good time. I appreciate that, but I just personally don't get the appeal.

Which is the part that kind of fascinates me. The production of the public access show reminds me a lot of modern Yotube shows, from the couch surrounded by paraphernalia to the over-the-top personalities that's played for laughs on camera, even though that personality doesn't reflect the actual person. In some ways, Wayne is like an early 90s rocker AVGN. It's kind of cool to see that connection between public access shows and the Youtube shows that were likely influenced by that format.

That said, I don't watch Youtube shows either.

Anyway, the reason Movie Producer Guy signs Wayne's World is because apparently it connects with the kids of that time. Nothing about that show connects with me, though: I'm not the biggest rocker, I will never describe a women's looks and say "Schwing!" like it's a compliment, and generally speaking I'm not that interested in making fun of people. In short, I'd make an awful television personality in the early 90s.

However, that show seemed to resonate with the audience of the time, 20 years ago.

Anyway, the movie is goofy and light, but I didn't really laugh at the jokes or stay engaged with the story. Does that make me a movie snob?

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