Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Final Fantasy 7: Wrapping up Loose Ends

With Cloud back in the party the group stops talking about how weird Cloud is quite so much. There's just a few tasks left to do before heading toward Sephiroth.

The first stop is Junon, where the Mako Cannon is first shown to be missing. Deep in the Underwater Reactor you meet a boss that I remember being much tougher than it actually was. You then hijack a submarine, which rounds out your vehicle arsenal nicely.

In the submarine are a few Shinra soldiers which you have to option of either fighting or capturing. Considering that it's the same soldiers who helped me out when I first arrived at Junon, I was glad at the chance to be merciful. I was actually really sad in that moment when I realized who they were and that I was going to have to kill them, so when the option came to spare them it was a relief. I don't think they ever end up leaving the submarine, though.

Anyway, both the submarine and snowboarding mini-games were pretty annoying to play on a keyboard, so I didn't spend much time on them. However, I did get the pleasure of raising chocobos once again--it turns out, I'm still an awesome racer.

Regardless, once you surface the submarine you watch the Gelnika plane take off, heading toward Rocket Town with another huge materia. I guess that same plane or another one much like it gets attacked by a Weapon since you can find one at the bottom of the ocean, which is one of the toughest places to explore thanks to some tough random battles that I think even make the final dungeon's enemies look easy.

I already talked about going into space, so no need to go over that again. The only thing worth noting is that when the rocket hits Meteor one of the people we get to see reacting to it is Bugenhagen, which is a pretty nice way of reminding everyone that he exists since you'll be visiting him just afterward.

While searching for the Key of the Ancients you're also likely to find the cave of Vincent's lost love and Sephiroth's mother, Lucrecia. She seems desperate to know if her son is alive, but Vincent tells her he died which, I suppose, is technically true. I suppose if he told her the truth, that Sephiroth is trying to bring about the end of the world, it would break her heart. If he lied and told her that Sephiroth was alive and well she might leave her exile to find him, which would lead her to the truth again. So, I suppose the most merciful outcome was to tell her that her son was dead. It was going to end in tears, so chose the option with the fewest I guess.

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