Monday, July 28, 2014

Final Fantasy 7: Not a Cloud in the Sky

Whoops, I got distracted talking about Weapons in the last FF7 post. Speaking of which, what exactly was the Mako Cannon for before the Weapons came along? It didn't seem terribly practical for any other engagement. Couldn't they have maybe shot down the escaping airship, maybe? Also, when Tifa and Scarlet get into a slap fight on top of the Mako Cannon, wouldn't the barrel have been incredibly hot after having fired twice? And why is Tifa slapping Scarlet in the first place--isn't she a badass martial artist? Kick that awful woman in the gut!

Anyway, so Cloud's missing, but you've got an airship. Let the search begin!

I don't remember how it happened but, much like you start hearing rumors of the Temple of the Ancients once I got the Tiny Bronco, you start hearing rumors of a talented doctor in a town called Mideel after you get the Highwind. Sure enough, one of the two unexplored structures that you can suddenly access thanks to the Highwind is the town of Mideel. It's a relaxed town, tropical, and coincidentally containing Cloud. Which is kinda funny given how far away Mideel looks from the Northern Crater on the map but, really, it's actually fairly close given how the world wraps around itself.

Cloud is in a vegetative state, much like he is when Zack breaks him free of the Shinra Mansion. He's lost, wheezing in a strange, sad sort of way, lolling his head back and forth helplessly. The doctor says it's Mako poisoning, but it's more than that as it turns out. He's a puppet, and nobody is pulling his strings anymore.

Without Tifa there to drive the group in finding their admittedly strange friend who only really got everyone into trouble, the party needs a new leader. Barret has developed as a character by this point and realizes that he was never a great leader. So, Cid takes charge of the group and leads them on two daring missions: defending Fort Condor and a train heist.

Fort Condor is the more humdrum of the two since, likely, you've played that mini-game before. It's a kinda-neat simplified RTS game, and it's pretty easy to just demolish the enemy if you have the money to throw more guys in there. It's funner to play it well and keep your guys alive, but either way it's pretty easy to never actually see the boss monster. Though I hear the boss monster has some pretty neat stuff to steal from it. Regardless, this battle is the final one there, and the reward is Huge Materia and the Phoenix Materia.

More awesome is the train heist, in which Cid pilots a train to catch up with another train, then the party hops from one train to the other. Then I guess the train goes out of control and nearly runs into North Corel?

Actually, wait, why was the train on those tracks to begin with? Didn't they check to make sure the tracks were clear before they took off? Also, what happened to the train the party used to catch up to the first one? It was on a different set of tracks and was left to run on its own, so I hope there wasn't another town at the end of those tracks.

Anyway, it turns out that the party is pretty effective without their psychologically unsound "leader" around.

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