Sunday, July 20, 2014

Drifty Days

Every so often my mind seems to take a day or two off, seemingly unable to concentrate on anything for very long. I'm kind of experiencing that sensation right now, so I'm going to analyze it a bit.

I think this sensation happens in the aftermath of a notable experience: the ending of a good book or TV series, for example. I'm pretty sure I experienced this sensation after finishing Breaking Bad.

Most of last week was a bit strange, mostly because I had a friend from Louisiana spending the week here. While he was here I felt a sort of obligation to keep him entertained the whole time. While I did not, in fact, do a very good job of that (most of the time I was either working as normal or we were just watching TV together), I still felt like I needed to be "on" the whole time.

So, that combined with the fact that I finished Final Fantasy 7 on Friday night left me feeling a little adrift for the past couple of days. My routine is broken and I'm in between tasks, which leaves my brain feeling like it's kind of floating through the day.

I'm not being entirely unproductive, though, for what it's worth. I spent a decent part of yesterday and today doing yard work. I'm pretty sure the heat is actually exacerbating this sensation, actually, but regardless my point is that I'm not entirely useless in this state. I'm able to accomplish fairly mindless tasks with ease, which makes me feel accomplished. I'm not sure how long I'll stay in this skinner box before I require more substantial accomplishments to feel worthwhile.

Apparently writing blogs isn't that high on my wacked-out mind's list of priorities, though, since I'm actually fairly behind. I'll try to pull my scattered thoughts back together and post another blog post by the end of today.

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