Monday, February 29, 2016

Wedding Recap

Today I got married to Laura. Here's a quick recap of the day.

Last night Laura was taken away by her parents to stay with them across town, so I wasn't allowed to see Laura until we reached the wedding location.

We held the ceremony in Tohono Chul park, a nice garden park in northwest Tucson. I showed up with my parents, and we found the spot where Laura and I would say our vows. Laura was a bit late, so the officiant walked me through the ceremony in the meantime while my parents and my friend/former roommate Jeff settled in.

When Laura and her family arrived, we introduced our parents to each other for the first time. They took a bunch of pictures while the officiant waited patiently to begin.

Our vows were taken at a place called the "Demonstration Garden," which is a nook in Tohono Chul with a neat stairway to nowhere over a little fountain. It was a nice place and a lovely day.

Laura and I wrote our own vows to supplement the "repeat after me" section of the ceremony. Both of the personal vows were fairly self-deprecating and sweet.

The ceremony was attended by my parents, Laura's parents, Laura's aunt Beverly, Bev's companion Tom, and three of our Fangamer friends: Jeff, Audrey, and Adil. Most of the office couldn't break away from work, which is fine since it was supposed to be a small, quiet ceremony anyway. I appreciated having friends there, though.

After the ceremony, most of us went to lunch at the Tohono Chul Bistro, an on-site restaurant. We got a private room and enjoyed each others' company for a while, exchanging stories and sharing food. It was good to see friends and family getting along, and I hope our big party next weekend is just a larger version of that meal.

Afterward we all went our separate ways. My parents are headed up to Phoenix for the evening, Laura's parents returned to their timeshare, and Laura and I headed to the office to parade around in our fancy clothes. We took some pictures while we were there.

Then, Laura and I came home, changed, and settled down. Neither of us had gotten much sleep, so we napped for a while until the cat woke us up, begging for food.

Laura decided our wedding night meal should just be a bunch of junk food from Quick Trip, the nearby gas station. So, we walked over there, got some donuts, hot dogs, and taquitos, and came back home to watch some Arrested Development while we ate.

Afterward, we continued our game of Secret of Mana, fighting our way through the frozen forest and conquering the Fire Temple.

It was a full day. Sufficiently odd for a February 29th. I'm sure we'll look back on it fondly when we celebrate our first anniversary in 2020.

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