Friday, February 19, 2016

Washington D.C.

I've never actually visited Washington D.C. properly. This is my 6th MAGfest in a row, and not once have I ever popped over to D.C. to be a tourist for a while.

One of these days, though, I should probably explore our nation's capitol for a bit. And not Fallout 3's post-apocalyptic version, either.

That said, Fallout 3 definitely gave me some frame of reference for the locations of things. The Mall, for instance, sounds like a cool place to walk around, hitting up museums and whatnot in between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

I'd of course have to check out the White House to scope out my potential future home (heh). I would also like to pay my respects at Arlington Cemetary, and I hear the Library of Congress is fascinating as well.

...And that's pretty much all I know about. I mean, that sounds like plenty to me, but that's not much to talk about. I guess making plans to go visit someplace I've never been doesn't make for good blogging material.

I never really know what I want to see in a place until I've already been there once before. For instance, the first time in Japan I was simply along for the ride. The second time I had an idea of where I'd like to spend my time, whether it's doing things we didn't get the chance to do or returning to places I enjoyed before.

It's like that with conventions, as well. My first PAX was spent mostly wandering around and taking it all in. And then, a few PAXes later, I got to see all of the things I wanted to see, so I could spend my time doing the things I knew I wanted to do. (For a while, that was the PAX Pokemon League. Now it's mostly just resting. Or not going at all.)

In a couple of weeks Laura and I will be going to Hawaii for our honeymoon and, again, I'm pretty sure I'll just be along for the ride, figuring out what I'd like to do if I ever return.

Anyway, Washington D.C. Let me know if there's anything else cool to do there.

This has been another unedited, late night ramble session from MAGfest. My apologies, as always.

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