Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Movie Review #50: Big Hero Six

Laura wanted to go see "Robot Movie" as she calls it. I heard good things, so I was down.

Short review: definitely a fun, charming movie.

A hot-headed boy genius was squandering his talents until his older brother introduced him to a school where people are developing the cutting edge of technology. Needing to prove himself worthy of entering the school, he invents something amazing... and that's when his life starts falling apart.


This pairing between Marvel and Disney worked out beautifully. This world of San Fransokyo looks well-designed and populated, and it's clear that animation has come a long way.

The story structure is relatively predictable, but the important thing is the characters. Each main character is fun to watch and have distinct, likable traits. They feel like a real good team, and I'm interested in seeing more of them.

The star is, of course, the huggable medical robot, Baymax, whose artificial intelligence is the source of much of the movie's humor.

The most brilliant thing, though, is that since this movie was made by the same folks who made Frozen, I'm hoping that those same little girls who fell in love with Elsa and tried to emulate her might find some interest in the characters of this movie as well. It's a stretch, especially since the main character and his older brother in Big Hero 6 are both male, which may color the film as a "boys' movie" along with the superhero motif. Still, hopefully some little girls watch the movie and walk away with an interest in STEM subjects. One can dream!

I can't really think of any other worthwhile observations about the movie. It's fun. Kinda predictable. STEM. Sometimes that's all you can really say.

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