Monday, November 24, 2014

Ode to F5

No button more trusted in exploration,
Journeys or quests or investigation,
Than my ever-present partner in crime, F5:
For in classic parlance, he's infinite lives.
Why bother with save points of yesteryear?
In this day and age, the only option is clear:
I'm far too busy to spend five minutes or more
Searching for save points, as in days of yore.
To save and load quickly suits an active life,
Where at any moment my work or some strife
May call me away from game without warning.
Far too often in youth I found myself mourning
The loss of my progress, of countless hours
Building experience and gaining new powers,
All lost because my mom couldn't wait:
"We have to leave NOW, or else we'll be late!"
Now that I'm grown, it's exacerbated;
To be quite honest, I feel myself jaded
Toward games that don't let me save where I wish.
And I'm quite certain that I'm not alone in this niche.

But F5 is more than a convenient tool
I can use when the duties of real life overrule
The time I'd otherwise spend deep in play;
To be honest again, I'd be remiss not to say
That even in games where I'm overpowered,
I've got to admit, I'm really a coward.

Before making a choice in illicit dealings,
That may lead to war or hurt someone's feelings,
In any situation where my choices have weight
I can't simply leave the outcome to fate.

Likewise, in hallways where scary things lurk,
Unfamiliar places, stumbling through murk,
I probably quick save every few seconds
To armor myself against things I reckon
To be getting ready to catch me off-guard.
I gotta admit: it's the perfect ward.

So for every bad choice I got to remake,
And helping me reach that really real cake,
For protecting me in hallways to dark to see,
And letting me stop whenever I need,
If any two keys should be called divine
There's simply no contest: F5 and F9.

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