Saturday, October 4, 2014

Star Wars: The Old Replublic, Another Saga Over, Part II

With a Imperial plot and a couple of Sith Lords now properly lightsabered to submission/death, and with hutt now free to eat the last remaining species of a nearly-extinct animal so a criminal can find some treasure, let's see what the rest of the crew was up to on Nar Shaddaa.

My Republic Trooper has been hunting down members of her former squad. They defected to the Empire after months or years of careful planning, all because of some traumatic event some time ago before my Trooper joined them. Apparently the Republic did something to them: abandoned them somewhere or otherwise betrayed them in some way. I'm not sure yet--I'm still uncovering the mystery. Still, though the Republic might not be blameless in causing the former Havoc Squad to defect, now their skill, knowledge, and experience are being used against the Republic in support of a dangerous, deadly regime. It's now the current Havoc Squad's duty to eliminate the former Havoc Squad, and that duty has taken us to Nar Shaddaa.

There, one member of the old squad was trying to take control over a powerful new Republic battle droid, known as M1-2X. However, the droid was under the impression it was still working for the Republic, and its patriotic zeal would have stopped it from fighting me if the old squad member didn't know some override codes. In the end, we had to destroy poor Tooex, though he was happy to explain how to do so as I did it. Republic agents managed to recover his memory core, though, and when he was restored to a new body he became the newest member of my party.

My Imperial Agent likewise had an important duty. A an anti-Imperial terrorist organization destroyed a Sith Lord a while back, and one of their cells was known to be on Nar Shaddaa. It was my job to infiltrate that cell and end their operations on the planet. I managed to do so, with the help of a former Imperial Agent, a Hannibal Lecter style character, locked away for knowing too much it seems. By helping me reach my goals, he duped me into helping him escape. When I caught up to him he offered to tell me what the Empire has in store for me in exchange for his freedom, but I could not in good conscience set this dangerous man free. I ended his life without learning the Empire's plans for me. It could have simply been the ravings of a paranoid man, but my experience with the Empire supports the possibility of that kind of betrayal. I will have to keep my eyes open.

My Jedi Consular is chasing down a "plague" that seems to be infecting Jedi Masters, forcing them to do things they wouldn't normally do. It seems to be the result of some sort of Sith ability, so I'm countering the effects with a Jedi ability that shields the plague-ridden Masters from its effects. As a result, with each Master I heal, I become a bit weaker. The Master on Nar Shaddaa was already a bit of an outsider before the plague, and now he's actively leading a terrorist cell against the Hutt Cartels. Normally that would be well and good, I suppose, but the Cartels are neutral in the war, and the Republic would prefer they stay that way. If they find out a Jedi is attacking them, then likely that neutrality would end. So, I tracked the guy down, beat him into submission, then healed him.

Finally, my Bounty Hunter is on something called the Great Hunt, a bounty hunters' competition. In each round of the competition two bounty hunters are given a target. To win the round, the bounty hunter must both defeat their rival bounty hunter and either capture or defeat their target. The target on Nar Shaddaa was the leader of a private security company. So, we hit him hard at places his company was supposed to be keeping secure, which lured him out to take care of us personally. Then we beat him. Our rival bounty hunter was basically an after-thought.

With that, my time of Nar Shaddaa is basically done. There were a few faction specific quests on each side in which we helped each side improve their position on Nar Shaddaa, but those missions aren't generally as interesting as the story ones. Officially, though, the war still hasn't quite started--30 levels in, both sides are just feeling each other out, unwilling to provoke open war until they feel they have a clear advantage. Besides, clearly each side has its own internal issues to deal with.

We'll see how things go in the future as my characters make their way to Tattooine and Alderaan. That might not be until next year, though.

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