Monday, June 9, 2014

The Legend of the All-Goblet

This is the tale of the All-Goblet, a powerful artifact long since lost to the world. Perhaps some day a group of brave adventurers will find it. Many have tried, but to no avail: some adventurers seek the Goblet all their lives, only to give up in their old age. Others venture far and wide and are never seen again.

Here's what we know, according to legends:

Long ago there existed three cups with incredible powers.

One was shared among the tribes of early civilizations, bringing harmony and prosperity to all who encountered it.

One was guarded greedily, bringing great wealth to those who possessed it until it was inevitably stolen, passing from the hands of one thief to the next.

Yet another cup granted great power to whoever filled it with blood and drank from it, fueling the conquests of some of the greatest early empires.

Each cup originated far from each other, but eventually their realms grew and met, and the owners of the cups sat with each other do discuss their treasures. Each owner coveted the powers of the other two cups, and so they made a plan to unite the cups to create an age of great power, wealth, and peace that would blanket all of their realms.

Unfortunately, this was not to be, for the cups had minds of their own, and they did not get along with each other. When the three cups were brought together they merged into one, but the resulting goblet was unstable as each cup fought the others for dominance.

The battle within the goblet caused the land to shake, and the skies grew dark with lightning clouds. Great bolts of lightning rained from the sky, and many people fled the ensuing destruction.

After a year of darkness, a group of heroes managed to seal the goblet away forever, and the world once again knew light. The heroes took the location of the All-Goblet to their graves, though it's said that it's waiting somewhere, each cup watching for proof that people have taken their ideals to heart, for faith in their ideals will allow one aspect or another to gain control.

Until then, the Holy Grail, the Beggar's Cup, and the Bloodstein continue their eternal struggle.


  1. The Bloodstein is the best name for a magic cup I've ever seen.

    1. Thanks! The other two are existing concepts of course, but I actually invented the Bloodstein.

  2. Sounds like a great D&D hook! What sort of power did you have in mind for the Bloodstein?