Tuesday, March 18, 2014

D&D Profile: Akito

Jenna's character Akito is an elven Fighter, apparently based on one of Jenna's existing characters.

It's hard to be a straight man in this party, but Akito often attempts to do just that.

Early on in the campaign, Akito was plagued by flashbacks of a tragedy, apparently involving himself and a dead child. However, at this point daily life seems to demand his full attention, and he can no longer afford to be shellshocked.

It was curious how willing the party's two elves were to turn on their kin. The elves of the realm of air, though seemingly stuck up and violent, did not seem to be any moreso than the humans with which Akito and the elf now known as Ysbrydwyn have sided. We'll explore the character of Ysbrydwyn at a later time, though.

Akito seems to have a history with the army of the Imperial elves: a history that has led to his rejection of their ways.

That said, it would seem that Akito misses his own kind more than he lets on. When the party arrived at the kingdom of the elves in the realm of fire, Akito was moved to action. First, he attempted to ingratiate himself with the high-strung Altonea Quark, then he (and the rest of the party) attempted to seduce the fair Meganalia Quark. Unfortunately, Akito's lack of social graces caused these attempts to fall short.

Luckily, the party has generally made friends with the adventurous Sonialio Quark, and the two elven warriors seem to be getting along.

Where Akito truly comes alive, however, is in battle. True to his class, nobody in the party fights like Akito. Likewise, nobody else has come close to death as often as Akito, but that comes with the territory.

Akito is not a defensive fighter, preferring instead to wield his two-handed falchion in battle to deal as much damage as possible. Akito has racked up the most kills of anyone in the party. The way he throws himself into battle is almost like he values his life not at all...

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