Sunday, March 13, 2016

Don't Write While On Vacation

A few days ago, while I was on my honeymoon, I took some time at the end of a busy day to write a blog post. To be honest, I'm kind of afraid to even go back and read it. I assume it was kind of a garbled mess of a post; well-intended, but not terribly comprehensible or interesting.

I'll leave it where it is, a testament to why I should take the "Almost-Daily" part of the title of this blog to heart. In the future, while traveling, I will likely not write blog posts.

The compulsion to end the year with a full 365 blog posts comes from my previous year of blogging daily. I had made a resolution to do so, and I kept that resolution (basically). Now, though, I have no commitment to hit a quota. I still want to blog every day, but I do so only because I like being in the habit of writing.

During MAGfest I wrote some rambling posts each night, again, due to that compulsion to write daily no matter what. I appreciate this compulsion, but like the post I wrote a few days ago, I'm kind of afraid to go and actually read those MAGfest posts. I don't remember what I wrote about, I only remember how I felt while I was writing them: tired, barely thinking straight, apathetic about the quality of what I was typing. I think it might have been better had I simply skipped those days.

In 2014, the year I started this blog, I missed many days' worth of blogs due to traveling, exhaustion, and so on. These missed days would be followed by several days of writing two posts each day until I caught up, but those double-blog days were stressful.

I won't be doing that this year. I missed some days last week, and for good reason. Starting today, I'll be continuing with one blog post per day until something else comes up. The alternative is likely to burn me out on this blog, and I'd prefer to avoid that.

I like writing almost every day, but I'm generally only proud of my work when I have the time to focus on the writing, to give it some thought, and to go back and edit the post: to let it sit, read through it, fix awkward sentences/transitions/etc. I like to polish my work.

That said, I've got a list of things to talk about in the next few days. There's our wedding reception and our trip to Hawaii, of course, as well as my first impression of Hamilton (the musical) and several other thoughts I had during my trip. Sorry for the silence--let's get back to it!

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