Thursday, April 10, 2014

Title, Either Intentionally Vague or Overly Descriptive. Sometimes Misleading?

Strong opening sentence that may only be tangentially related to the point of the post. A brief set up, perhaps an explanation of why I felt like writing the post.

A statement or question designed to hopefully convince the reader to keep reading after the jump break.

[Jump break]

Tangentially related observation or anecdote, designed to eventually lead into the topic at hand. Sometimes goes on for several paragraphs, often touching upon the real purpose of the post, if the true purpose of the post is meant to be hidden within the superficial subject. Alternately, padding out what would otherwise be a short post by rambling on about something trivial and unrelated.

Further padding, if needed. Sometimes there's very little to say, yet many words with which to say it.

Pull the rambling back toward the subject. Attempt to connect the subject to whatever I said before. Move on before anybody can question the connection.

Observations and rhetoric. Attempt to build up to a revelation. Get sidetracked. Ramble again for a while.

Attempt to pull back to the topic.

Get tired of writing. Frantically try to remember what point I was trying to make.

Settle for an attempt at being profound. If I remember the point, make it quickly. Otherwise, trail off, suggesting that there is more to be learned before coming to a conclusion, if indeed there are conclusions to be reached.

End abruptly.



    1. Why can't I simply "like" a comment? That would be a helpful feature. Something to say that I read and appreciate what someone posted.

      Or I suppose I can just say that I read and appreciated your comment. Because I did.